Scottish Sweeties Part 3: Deep-Fried Mars Bar

Friday, March 19th, 2010 | Travel

Yes, it had to be done.  I had to try a deep-fried Mars bar.  Even though I’ve been coming to Edinburgh all my life and have never seen one, all my American friends kept telling me that Scottish people love these things, so I was on a mission.  Here’s what you do: find a chippy (fish & chips joint), ask them kindly, and they’ll run out from behind the counter to grab a still-wrapped bar from their candy stash, which they’ll then open up, dip in batter, deep-fry, and present to you for your immediate consumption, all for around £2.

Well, I loved it.  I was afraid it would taste fishy or sausagey or be tainted by some other flavor from the pile of assorted deep-fried shapes you see on their warming tray, since I’m guessing they’re all dipped in the same batter and oil.  But it didn’t.  No hint of fish or meat at all.  I was also worried that the bar’s insides would become like molten lava, but my worries on this front also faded the minute I took a tentative bite.  The inside was pleasantly warm and melty.  The thin layer of batter had a nice crunch– not too greasy  and it immediately adhered itself to the roof of my mouth along with the oozy caramel.  So I don’t suggest trying to carry on a deep discussion about Existentialism or the many iterations of the health care bill while you’re eating.  Just enjoy.

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