Mike & Son Sharpening Service – Coming soon to a street corner near you

Saturday, October 17th, 2009 | tools | 2 Comments

**I know this isn’t about dessert exactly, but knives are just a liiiiitle bit important in the culinary world, wouldn’t you say?**

While perusing the interwebs at some point recently, I came across something about there being a mobile sharpening truck that comes around periodically. I thought to myself, “I think I read about that kind of thing in Hawthorne’s House of the Seven Gables, but that takes place in 1850s New England!  I have, like, 5 knives that are so dull I’ve basically stopped cooking.  Remembering to bring them somewhere to get sharpened is such a hassle, and I’m too lazy to make a special trip into town. I would love if that old-school sharpening truck came around here.”

I’ve lived in my current spot for more than 9 years, and on weekends, my subconscious has vaguely registered a ringing noise occasionally coming from the street. As a resident of busy Brooklyn, you come to accept all kinds of noises and learn to just ignore them. And so I did, until today.

So I’m sitting on my couch checking out, when I hear that familiar-ish ringing noise again. But it’s not exactly a ringing noise– my mind transforms it into more like metal getting ground. WAIT! Is that by any miracle the sharpening truck?! I look out the window, and there it is, this ancient-looking green truck with drawings of knives and scissors on the side. What luck! I quickly grab every cooking knife I can find in the house (3 chef’s, 2 paring, 1 bread), wrap them in a towel, and rush outside like a crazy person, hoping like hell that 1. the truck is still there, and 2. that none of them slip out and stab me in the foot. Here’s the truck!

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