Better Together (B.T.) Baking: Brownie Bliss

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 | Store-bought | 3 Comments

I think my brother’s trying to kill me.  For my birthday recently, I very innocently asked for something to expand my mind, and I thought a book about NYC garbage would do nicely.  But noooo, my brother decides to expand my waistline instead by sending me 12 humongous brownies from Better Together (B.T.) Brownies out in Haverford, PA.  Good Lord, what am I to do with these things?  Eat them all?  Well, if you insist…

Now, I’m the kinda dessertatarian who likes her brownies to be on the fudgy side.  I understand where you cakey types are coming from, but there’s just nothing that beats a nice dense, moist, rich-as-hell brownie, and B.T. is feelin’ me.  You know you’re really cooking with fudgyness when the first ingredient is eggs.  Organic eggs, that is.  In fact, all the ingredients in these brownies are organic, so they’re good for you, right?  And they’re Fair Trade, locally farmed, proceeds going charity, no refined sugar, hormone free, yadda, yadda, yadda…  They’re basically just dense bricks of chocolate bliss:

The Cookie brownie is the best, because it’s about one-quarter soft, chewy chocolate chip cookie, and three-quarters brownie.  So you get the best of both worlds in every bite.  The Peanut Butter has a visible stripe of p.b. and is so very rich, they should send a glass of milk with it in the mail.  The B.T. Chocolate stands up to its flashier compatriots by being made with 70% dark chocolate, so its siren song is subtle sophistication.  Who can resist?

Kudos to you, Todd Kelly, owner and baker for B.T., and former financial analyst who’s finally found his calling (aren’t they all?), for making a fiiiiiiine product.  And thank you, bro’, for very smartly picking a brownie place that is not only amazing, but also close enough to NYC for me to receive these delights at their freshest.

B.T. brownies are sold at select locations around Philly, PA, and VA, but if you don’t live anywhere near those places or are lazy, just fire up your computers and order away:

**UPDATE**: They now have a pumpkin brownie (with cinnamon, nutmeg, and chocolate chips) and they’ll have a mint brownie with white chocolate chips available around Thanksgiving!

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