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Thursday, December 24th, 2009 | bakeries, Events

Cupcake litmus test: if you cut one in half with a knife, the two sides fall down, and the frosting top comes off, the cake is too dry and/or there’s too much frosting, and, basically, you’re in trouble. If you cut one into quarters, and the four tops remain intact after impact with the plate, you’ve got a moist, delicious, perfectly balanced red velvet cupcake from GoodieBox. I mean, (elderly New Yorker who’s gushing with praise) it’s so good– you neva’!

I recently went to a GoodieBox tasting at the East Harlem Café, a cute, hip joint with gorgeous mozaic art pieces. GoodieBox is a baked goods supplier operating out of Weehawken, NJ that specializes in classic and simple baked goods.  Their red velvet cupcake was the best I’ve ever had. Perfect, light, vanilla cream cheese frosting– not too much to be sickening, not too little to be sad plus the aforementioned moist, springy cake.  You can either order these babies online or hope that your local coffee shop starts carrying them.

GoodieBox Bakeshop
East Harlem Café
1651 Lexington Ave
(between 104th St & 105th St)
New York, NY 10029

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December 31, 2009

I was intrigued by the painstaking description of making buche de noel. Back in the long-ago 50’s, when I grew up, creme-filled cake rolls were popular, and my mother used to make a delicious one. It sounds like the buche de noel, but with a simpler presentation. The cake almost always cracked at least a little when she rolled it out, but since she simply covered it with more filling or whipped cream, it ended up looking ok and tasting great. I guess its all about how it ends up!

January 23, 2010

My god there was a tasting!

You’re absolutely on point about the cutting of cupcakes. There should be no plopping on plates or anything of the like. And the knife should just sink through the cake like butta. Yum!

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