D.C. Dessert Roundup – Capital Confections Part 4: Afterwords

Sunday, December 13th, 2009 | Restaurants, Travel

Where else can you eat, drink, listen to music, and buy books, all in one place?  Afterwords, part of Kramerbooks, that’s where, and not surprisingly, a D.C. institution.  While I don’t think their desserts are anything to, uh, write home about– if it’s 3 in the morning on Saturday night, and you find yourself, as I often do, simply unable to go to bed until you’ve had a piece of goober pie, then this place is a godsend.

The goods (obtained via takeout in un-eco-friendly plastic containers):

The double chocolate cake had ok cake, ok frosting, and decent chocolate fudge– the problem was a large chunk of said frosting in the middle of the slice that was too sweet and rich to deal with.  The pecan pie had a tasty enough filling with a dry, boring crust that is made to be left behind.  The key lime pie was quite good, though, with a great balance of sweet and tart.  The menu claims it’s made with real Key limes, which I’m inclined to believe, since it really was excellent– I’d eat this while half-asleep again.

Kramerbooks & Afterwords Café
1517 Connecticut Avenue
Washington, D.C.  20036

Next stop: Baked and Wired


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Jen L.
March 6, 2010

Michael is visiting us in DC and pointed us inthe direction of your blog. Afterwords is a mere shadow of what it once was, I am sad to say, and I am not sure all of the desserts are even made in house anymore. However, in its heyday, brunch was quite a treat and quite a bargain, not to mention the late night dessert opportunities in a town where little was open past (gasp!) midnight. Next time you’re down this way, drop us a line! – Jen (and Cait)

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